Using AMI Sports allows you to log sessions of golf to gain better insights into your practice structure, the impact of on course practice/tournament loads and the relationship with your daily wellness stats.

Pie chart showing a breakdown of golf durations. Long game, short game, putting and on course are shown as segments of time on the pie chart. This monitoring graphic is available in the personal monitoring section of the AMI Sports: Golf App.

With the AMI Sports intelligent monitoring system, you can log golf sessions live when at the driving range, on the putting green, practicing out on the course, or following any tournament rounds that you compete in. With each type of session, there are specifics data entries required from you. For example, on the driving range – which clubs have been used, in what order and how many shots have been played with each club? The more accuracy and care taken when entering your data, the more effective the monitoring insights you (and your support team) will have at your fingertips to help inform decisions to optimize you and your golf.

Workload insights

Alongside these specific session details, you are always required to enter the duration (in hours and minutes) and the intensity of the session (i.e. the session rating of perceived exertion – sRPE). The sRPE reflects how hard you felt you had to work in order to complete the session as a whole. To avoid any influence from the intensity of the session’s final task, you should ensure that your rating is completed at least 15 minutes after the session finishes. Upon logging your session duration and sRPE you will be presented with the session’s workload value. This contributes to your golf workload for the day, week and month and ultimately to your global workload graphs seen in the Personal Monitoring area as well as on your Dashboard.

Golf Data Table showing a breakdown of golf shots, putting and hols played in practice and tournament. This data table is available in the personal monitoring section of the AMI Sports: Golf App.

Logging your golf sessions:

1. Tap on the ‘Log Session’ (plus) icon in the menu bar, or the button at the top

2. Choose what type of session you’d like to log: e.g. Driving Range / Putting or Practice /Tournament Round

3. Enter the data required on the log screens

4. Enter the duration of the session and the sRPE (the intensity of the session)

5. Tap ‘Save’

6. Check out your data on the Dashboard and the Personal Monitoring screens

Three mobile devices showing screens from the mobile app. Left device shows the log session screen with options to log driving range / putting sessions, practice or tournament rounds or strength and conditioning and other physical activity. The middle screen shows the on course session logging and the right screen shows the personal monitoring golf durations pie chart as an example of what users can see in the app.

Logging on course rounds and monitoring data in the personal monitoring section

Click on the videos below to see how to log each type of golf session:

Logging your driving range session

Logging your putting practice

Logging your practice round

For further information on how to use AMI Sports: Golf, please visit the support blog.

Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching at The Open University | AMI Sports: Golf | + posts

Dr Ben Langdown is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching at The Open University and has published various journal papers in the area of golf and sports science. Specifically, Ben's research focuses on athlete monitoring, warm-up protocols, and training interventions in the sport of golf. Ben is also a Strength and Conditioning Coach for England Golf and over the past 15 years has provided biomechanics and S&C support to golfers from amateurs through to European (Men’s and Ladies’) Tours and a European Senior Tour Season Champion. Ben has presented at 4 World Golf Fitness Summits and the 2018 World Scientific Congress of Golf, where he also acted as an invited review panel member supporting education for >150 academics/coaches. He has delivered various invited keynote workshops with international organisations, including England Golf, The PGAs of GB&I, Spain, Czech Republic and Slovakia with all adopting his applied approaches. Most recently, Ben has developed the AMI Sports: Golf athlete monitoring app allowing further insight into golfers’ practice, tournaments, training and daily wellbeing.