Where can I download the app?

You can subscribe right here on the website. First, complete the subscription process here to allow you to login when you download the app. AMI Sports: Golf is available to download on the Google Play and Apple App Store .

What subscriptions are available?

For individuals, there is a monthly subscription or a discounted annual subscription plan.

For coaches or organisations wanting to purchase 10 or more licences to distribute to golfers, there are various packages available. Visit the subscription page for more details.

I can’t log in, what do I do?

First, please check that your password and login details are correct. Use the ‘Forgotten password’ link in the app if required.

Secondly, check that your subscription hasn’t expired. You can do that by logging into your account on www.amisports.app

If, after trying the two tasks above, you’re still unable to login to your account please contact us using the support form.

I can’t log my data; can I get any help?

Yes, firstly, please check out the support blog posts to see if your specific issue is covered there. If not, then please visit our support page and send us a message with your device details and the specific problem and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can my coach see my data?

Only if you want them to. To allow them to get your weekly AMI Sports: Golf report, head to the Profile => Team members section of your app and add their email address in. They will continue to get a copy of your AMI Sports: Golf report each week until you delete them from your team. It’s a great idea to add in your golf coach, strength and conditioning coach and one other (e.g. a parent for junior golfers) so everyone can work together to optimize your performance and wellness.

I am under 18, why do I need to get parent/guardian permission to use the app?

This is part of our GDPR policies. This process is in place to protect everyone involved in logging and monitoring your data. You will need your parent/guardian to access the AMI Sports email and to click on the authorisation link before you can complete your in-app onboarding process.

There’s a golf course missing; what can I do?

We have over 23K golf course built into the app. However, where the golf course you’re playing is not available, please complete the Missing Golf Course form and we will add this to the system as soon as possible. If you wish to log the session now, please choose another course and you can revisit the session to change the course in the Daily Log section as soon as the system is updated.

Research FAQs

What will my data be used for?

As a valued user of AMI Sports: Golf, your data will provide us with a great insight into what golfers are currently doing in practice, tournament and training settings. Using this app, you will be recording the amount of balls hit on the range, time spent working on your short game, how many holes you have played both in a practice and a competition setting, as well as training workloads and any illness or injuries. We would like your consent to use anonymised data to do further analysis and then share the research findings with you, golf and fitness coaches, and also with the wider golfing population. This will take place in an official research process resulting in published papers about the findings and our recommendations for future practice in golf.

Will anyone be able to identify my data in the research outputs?

No, the research outputs will generally use average data from either all users or specific groups of users. Where case studies are used the data will be anonymised so that your data can’t be identified.

Where will I be able to see the results from the research?

As soon as we do any analysis and publish results from the research, we will post a blog in the Research area and links to any research outputs (papers, presentations, vlogs etc.).

I don’t want my data to be used in the research; how can I opt out?

That’s absolutely fine. During the onboarding process in the app please deselect the ethics consent checkbox to alert us that your data shouldn’t be used in any research. What can you do if you didn’t do that during onboarding and have changed your mind about your data being used: In accordance with The Open University approved ethics policy (Ethics approval: HREC/2017/2540/Langdown/1), you have the option to contact us to withdraw your consent up until the end of the 3rd month following your initial app registration. Following this your data will be anonymised and it will no longer be possible to withdraw from the research project. If you have any queries or concerns about the research or wish to withdraw please contact the research team via email: research@amisports.app

How can I keep up to date with the latest blogs or research?

There are a few ways to keep up to date with our latest blogs and research:

  1. Subscribe to our blog by entering your email address on the home page
  2. Follow us on Twitter: @AMIsports_app
  3. Follow us on Instagram: @ami_sports_app

Education FAQs

Do I have to complete my daily wellness every day?

The more frequently you complete your daily wellness survey in the app, the more accurate a picture you will build up. This can be very useful when looking at your weekly AMI Sports: Golf reports and when scrolling through the Personal Monitoring section to assess the impact your golf and training is having on your wellness data and vice versa (e.g. how your non-golf stress is affecting other aspects of wellness and workloads).

What is sRPE?

Session Rating of Perceived Exertion -a simple solution to measuring training load and a global rating of perceived exertion for an entire session (i.e. how hard did you have to work to complete the session). sRPEhas been validated across many different sports and activities as a good measure of internal load (Haddad et al., 2017).

What is workload?

You will see the use of workload calculations in many place throughout the app. This is a calculation based on your sRPE and the duration of your sessions to give you an understanding of your workload (arbitrary units) for each session. Total workload graphics can be seen on your Dashboard and in the Personal Monitoring section of the app. The important points here are the percentage change from the most recent 7-day period to the 7 days prior (e.g. day -8 to -14). If this percentage change is too high, or too low then a threshold warning will appear. You should then consult with your coach to optimize your workload and avoid significant increases / decreases from week to week.

What is the number in the middle of the circle on the dashboard?

This is your total workload for the past 7 days. It a value with arbitrary units made up of the logged practice, tournament, S&C and other physical activity sessions. If the percentage change goes too high or too low, you will see an advisory message to manage your workload carefully. This is due to the increased risk of injury while either engaged in a significantly higher workload period, or when returning to increased workload following a significantly lower workload period.

I forgot to log a session; can I add it in now?

We’ve found that the most accurate way to log is alongside the activity (e.g. range practice session) or immediately post completion of a session. However, should you forget or not have your mobile device with you, head to the Daily Log section of the app and choose the date you wish to add to. Then log the data as you normally would. All of your data will be updated following the successful logging of that session.

I am injured/ill, should I keep logging even though I am not playing or training?

Yes, the best way to build up an accurate picture of your workload and recovery is to log every day. Despite not completing any practice or training sessions, continuing to completeyourWellness Survey will allow you to monitor your motivation, energy, recovery, stress etc. while also reporting injuries and/or illness.

I want to learn more about the data I am seeing; can you help?

Yes. Please visit the Education blog for further information, case study examples and feature explanations from the team at AMI Sports: Golf. If you have a specific query that we haven’t covered yet, please send us a message via the Support forms and we will post as soon as possible on relevant topic areas.