A copy of the OU Ethics Policy which is found on the AMI Sports: Golf App:

An analysis of golfers’ practice, competition and strength & conditioning workloads and daily wellness logs.

As a valued user of AMI Sports: Golf, your data will provide us with a great insight into what golfers are currently doing in practice, tournament and training settings. Using this app, you will be recording the amount of balls hit on the range, time spent working on your short game, how many holes you have played both in a practice and a competition setting, as well as training workloads and any illness or injuries. We would like your consent to use anonymised data to do further analysis and then share the research findings with you, golf and fitness coaches, and also with the wider golfing population. This will take place in an official research process resulting in published papers about the findings and our recommendations for future practice in golf.

This participant information provides details of the research process, your involvement as a research participant, and your rights in the collection, analysis and reporting of data. Please ensure that you read this information carefully and are clear about the research process prior to continuing with the registration on this app where the ethics consent is pre-checked. By continuing with the participant consent box checked you are committing to your data being used for this additional research purpose. If you decide not to consent, by unchecking the box, you will not be disadvantaged in any way and you can continue using the app as normal in the knowledge that your data will not be used in this research analysis.

If you provide your consent, then your data will be used anonymously in this research outside of the application. It will become part of a wider analysis into the practice habits of golfers of varying abilities, ages and in various countries, thus enhancing our understanding of this under-researched area.

The original anonymised data and survey answers will be kept for a maximum of 20 years before being destroyed.

The research team consisting of Dr Ben Langdown (The Open University) and Tim Roberts (Scientific Athlete) will be the only people with access to raw data until the research is completed. The data will be held in electronic format on Amazon RDS servers and anonymised before being sent out to each researcher for analysis on their own devices. Any hard copies of the data will be held in a locked filing cabinet. Following your registration with the app, you have the right to withdraw from the additional research study and your data will be removed from this project immediately without prejudice (you will be able to withdraw until the end of the 3rd month following your initial app registration). Following this your data will be anonymised and it will no longer be possible to withdraw from the research project.

We hope that through your participation in this study it will lead to the development of workload guidelines and the reduction of overuse injuries in golfers in subsequent years.

To confirm your willingness to participate in the study please leave the ‘OU Ethics Policy’ box checked below.Parent / guardian consent will also be required for those under the age of 18 years, the participant will still have the right to withdraw from the study as outlined above.

If you have any queries or concerns about the research or wish to withdraw please contact the research team via email: research@amisports.app

Investigator’s statement:
I confirm that this policy carefully explains the nature, demands and foreseeable risks of the proposed study to the volunteer.
Dr Ben Langdown (Principle Investigator), 07/04/2020
AMI Sports: Golf
Ethics approval: HREC/2017/2540/Langdown/1

By agreeing to The Open University’s Ethics Policy, you confirm the following:
You have read the participants’ information.
The information has provided you with the opportunity to address queries or concerns regarding this study.
You received enough information about the study.
You have been given enough time to consider whether you want to participate.
You understand that you are free to withdraw from the study at any time during the data collection period (for the first 3 months following initial app registration), without having to give a reason for withdrawing.
You aware of the confidentiality measures and satisfied that your identity will be protected.
You agree to take part in this study.